Thursday 1 March 2012

App-V improvements in Configuration Manager 2012

I started this post ages ago, but never finished it or posted it.
Rather than it staying in my drafts I'll post it as is, so this may have changed from beta to RC and again may still do upon RTM.

App-V improvements in Configuration Manager 2012
Just a quick post to show some of the App-V & ConfigMgr 2012 integration improvements coming.

Essentially you still need to sequence the application outside of ConfigMgr using the App-V sequencer, then create an application or deployment type from the sequenced information.
The client requires App-V 4.6 SP1.
  • You can unpin the content from the ConfigMgr cache (cache improvements)
  • You can specify individual components in the app to publish to clients (publishing improvements)
  • No requirement to create virtual packages vs physical packages - just now deployment types in the same application
  • All DPs are enabled for streaming by default (was separate config process in ConfigMgr 2007)
  • Streaming over the Internet supported
There may be some others that I've missed, but this is all I've tracked down so far.

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