Thursday 27 January 2011

Opalis 6.3 Operator Console Installation Utility

Always one to find the easiest way possible to do things, I thought I'd quickly mention this post from the Opalis Blog:

A new utility has been released by Kelverion that automates the entire installation of the Opalis 6.3 operator console by removing all of the complexity of the install and making it very simple and quick to get up and running.

More details of the util can be found here

You can watch a demo of the util here

And finally you can register for the download here.  It's free but you need to fill out a quick form first to get the download link e-mailed to you.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Combine built-in and third-party tools to create a comprehensive dashboard solution for SCOM

Cameron Fuller has written another article for Windows IT Pro about using the various options available to combine built-in and third-party tools to create a comprehensive dashboard solution for Microsoft System Center Service Manager.

You can find the article here:

His previous article about displaying SCOM KPI's I mentioned here at the beginning of the month and is still currently available to view on Windows IT Pro.

We utilise both the SLD and the ConfigMgr dashboards within our environment and if you haven't had chance to try them yet, I highly recommend setting aside some time to try them as they can unlock a wealth of information and can be invaluable for presenting information to those that don't want or need the "techy" view.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

New Opalis Integration Packs

Just caught this on the System Center Nexus:

The new IP’s Charles Joy has posted are:
There's more and more coming out for Opalis all the time, hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be posting some information regarding something I'm working on with Opalis and Service Manager 2010.

Saturday 15 January 2011

Asset Management Solution for Service Manager 2010

Since I've just put this into our production environment I thought now would be a good time to share this with the world too.

I've posted before about this solution so I won't spend time going over old ground.

You can find the files here:

I've included both the sealed MP's in a "Ready to Import" folder than can be imported straight away into Service Manager for testing and the unsealed xml so that you can see how it's all strung together.

Please read the documentation included in the zip file, before blindly importing.

It's been designed around UK Local Government, so won't fit every environment out-of-the-box but should be very easy to adapt.

If you are adapting it, please remember that if the original MP is sealed, then your customised version will need re-sealing.  If you do this, you'll also need to re-alter all the public keys used in the references in the other MPs.  Short and sweet... reseal ALL the MP's using your own key if you modify it.

If anyone does have any comments, suggestions, etc etc then please please please feed them back to me.  The more people that look at it the more likely someone is to spot something I missed/did wrong.

Also, if you do extend it further, please let me know as it could be useful within my environment too.

There's a known issues section at the end of the documentation file in the package, please read that section and see if there's anything you can help with.  I'll be enternally greatfull if there is!

** Disclaimers **
This is the first release, and may very likely have some issues.
Please test this in a non-live environment first, and don't shout at me if it breaks anything.
This comes with no warranty, expressed or implied.

Friday 14 January 2011

Service Manager 2010 Exchange Connector & Other Tools

A while back Travis Wright blogged about releasing a "Resource Kit" for Service Manager 2010 containing a lot of useful material, examples and some new tools.

Well the biggest part of that announcement was around the Exchange Connector and it's now available.

However, while the majority of the other bits are available but scattered all over the place, a good decision has been made that rather than just re-bundling them all up and releasing them, a dedicated page on TechNet is to be setup to reference all these tools instead.

I think this is a much better idea as it will pull all this useful information together in one place and allow new versions and additions to be easily added without having to wait for big releases.

More details can be found on the SCSM Engineering Blog here:

Friday 7 January 2011

System Center Hotfixes, Updates and Articles - Updated

Just for reference, I've updated my orginal post regarding useful Hotfixes, Updates and Articles for System Center Products with Service Manager 2010 SP1, Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 R3 and Opalis 6.3 information.

How Operations Manager monitors server key performance indicators (KPI)

Cameron Fuller has posted a quick snippet over on System Center Central regarding an article he wrote for the January edition of Windows IT Pro about how to monitor the key performance indicators (Memory, CPU, Disk, Network etc) for your servers using Operations Manager 2007.

It's normally paid for access, but due to feedback it's currently free so check it out: