Saturday 31 May 2014

Microsoft System Center Advisor - New version heading our way...

At TechEd North America 2014 Microsoft announced the Limited Preview of a new version of System Center Advisor.

Advisor is an online service that can be used standalone, or as an integrated option with System Center Operations Manager.

The new version has a complete overhaul of the UI and the promise of delivering new functionality via "Intelligence Packs" which can be added to your subscription to enable new features and/or display information in new ways.

You can watch the TechEd NA 2014 video on the Channel9 site here:

You can signup for the Limited Preview here:

Before you get started, check out these quick videos from the team at MS:
Advisor Preview 2min Overview Video:
Advisor Preview Onboarding Steps Video:

I'd recommend taking a look at the onboarding process before you go through the process - and if you find you're having problems getting started, be sure to checkout this common issues troubleshooting blog post from the team:

Don't forget to follow the team for news etc on their Twitter handle - @mscAdvisor