System Center 2012 R2 Update Rollup Info

This page is an updated version of the post I started a while back here:

I've added this as a sticky page to the site and will keep it updated as Update Rollup's are released with the view to maintain it as an easy resource to find what versions levels the various components should be maintained to along with any extra hotfixes and/or major known issues etc to be aware of.

**Update 03/01/15 **
I've transitioned the HTML tables into an embedded Excel file to make updating and display a lot easier.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great Overview.

Could perhaps add this to Out Of Band Hotfixes:

Steve Beaumont said...

Updated with KB3065235 and also updated UR6 build numbers and ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1.

Adde SWE said...

Hello Steve,

I noticed that this blog wasn´t updated in a while but I´ll try anyway... Hopefully you will be able to answer my question. I was asking around on other forums as well but no luck.
According to not all components gets UR11. Integration between SCOM and VMM will be ok, both get UR11 this time..
But for example there is no UR11 for Windows Azure Pack. Would it be safe to run UR11 on VMM, SCOM, SPF, DPM and Windows Azure Pack Websites while still on UR7 on Windows Azure Pack? Or is it best practice to upgrade Windows Azure Pack to latest UR available in that case?

Anyway, Microsoft recommendations are “Note that all elements of System Center should be updated to the same update rollup level” but they don´t release UR for “all elements” ��

Thank you in advance!

Steve Beaumont said...

Hi Adde,
Sorry for the slow response, I'm soooo manically busy these days!

The general principal should be that all components should be running the latest "available" updates across the board.

So if SCSM has UR9 available, SCOM UR11 and SCO UR8, they should all be at that level.

For WAP, it has the same UR model, just not always tied to the same release cycle (but close). It should however always be on the latest/closest UR to VMM.

So if VMM is on UR 11, then WAP should be on WAP UR11 also.