Friday, 5 April 2013

Service Manager & Cireson App Store Additions

I've recently had some interesting conversations with the guys from Cireson.

Cireson are a System Center consultancy firm in the USA who have developed from the needs of their customers a range of extensions to Service Manager which help fill some of the perceived gaps in the solution.

They have a range of solutions/extensions covering many different needs:
  • SCSM Web Console
  • SCSM Asset Management
  • SCSM My Work Items
  • SCSM Group Assign
  • SCSM Preview Pane
  • SCSM Tier Watcher
  • SCCM Power Manager
  • SCSM Auto Close
  • SCSM Notify Analyst
  • SCSM Customizations
  • SCSM Calendar Sync
  • SCSM Risk Calculator
  • SCSM Change Calendar
  • SCSM Asset Import
  • SCSM Affected User

One of the main areas I was interested in was the Asset Management solution, since that's where I began my Service Manager journey back in 2010.

Cireson have extended the console to provide you with a rich asset management solution, contained within the Configuration section of the console.

From here you can manage Contracts, Costs, Warranties, Organisational information as well as your various assets.

One area I specifically really do like is the Software Asset Management extensions, giving you the easy ability to start monitoring license counts and simplifying/rationalising the data pulled in from ConfigMgr in terms of versions and product names.

You can find more information about Cierson's selection of extensions for Service Manager here in their handy "App Store":

I'll be posting some more around these great tools shortly so keep your eyes open for the posts!


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