Saturday 1 December 2012

Configuration Manager and 1E

This is an old post (July 2012) that I never got round to finishing and posting as I was typing it up during the session.  It's readable (just about) and would be a shame just to bin so I thought I'd just post it RAW anyway...

I'm in Reading today for a ConfigMgr day with Wally Mead which is sponsored by 1E.

So 1E kick off the event with a session on who they are and beating records on deploying Win 7.
A quick poll of the room shows lots of people migrating to Windows 7 but few are finding it quick or easy job.
Application packaging and compatibility seems to be the biggest problem for people and then the scope/number of devices to upgrade.

1E tend to see some of these challenges:
  • Data Transfer - Terabytes daily - Business app impact?
  • Many locations - Many servers/site visits
  • Many Applications - Rationalisation exercise?
  • Migration Schedules - End user disruption
  • Complex Project - People, time, resources and associated costs.

Where 1E can add value are:
  • User driven processes - increase satisfaction
  • Remove legacy software
  • Minimise infrastructure requirements
  • Tame complex projects and scenarios

1E feel that Windows 7 migration projects shouldn't be treated as "special projects" but should be considered as a business as usual project which is perfectly inline with how myself and Trustmarque approach Desktop Migration projects.
This is with the view of keeping skills in house, building processes and skill sets so that next time round for example Windows 8 can be smoothly rolled out with the infrastructure, methods and skills already in-place.

1E used Verizon as an example where they helped migrate around 90,000 devices.

1E Solution Set:
Shopping + AppClarity + Nomad

Example Nomad implementation - reduced 76 Sites, 1 Cent, 12 Primary, 63 Sec, 98 Dist

Nomad Features were demoed:
  • USMT utilising peer to peer for storage
  • PXE anywhere - No server requirement, use local client peers to auto elect one and use that as a PXE deployment point.  Keep OSD imaging within the local subnet and reduce network traffic.
1E can help with record breaking deployments:
Speed - Terabytes of data with zero business impact
Flexibility -

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