Thursday 25 October 2012

Windows 8 Skype App to the Rescue!

Sweet... That about sums up my thoughts for the new Skype App.
Not that I've used it in anger or that I'm a long time Skype user, no.

In fact, before today, I've never used Skype.  Of course I had heard of it and was aware what it did, just that I've never had a need for it.

Until today.  Just hours after it being released I found myself on a conference call where the only available audio option was via dialling the states.
Say what?!?!?  Hang on, I'm on a mobile here in the UK, this is going to get expensive really quickly.

So knowing that Skype had just hit the store I quickly installed it (I love one click installs!) it used my Microsoft ID to single sign on (SSO) straight in, allowed me to dial a US Toll Free number as if I was in the states and then docked nicely to the side while I watched the presentation.

Skype App to the rescue!!  Now I'm hoping that it works nicely on my Surface RT (fingers crossed it does come tomorrow and not 2nd Nov...)

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