Friday 7 September 2012

Recommended WMI Hotfixes

Microsoft today released an updated KB Article detailing the recommended WMI hotfixes that should be deployed to your Windows clients.

This is especially relevant in environments using System Center components as these make heavy usage of WMI.

It doesn't mention it within the KB Article, but I think it's safe to say these hotfixes are assuming that you're also running the latest service pack for the relevant OS but even if that isn't the case, I would certainly recommend it.

N.B. Thanks to Marnix Wolf for the tweet that highlighted the updated KB to me!


Primary Author: KidMystic said...

Several of the hotfixes listed there are included in the current OS service pack.

Of the 5 listed for 7/2K8R2, KB982293 and KB974930 are already in SP1.

I didn't look at all of the XP ones, but I'm sure its the same thing.

Bottom line, check to make sure you actually need the hotfix before deploying - both that you are experiencing the problem and that it isn't already included in a service pack you have applied.

Steve Beaumont said...

You're absolutely right, which is bizzare as the previous list was updates that specifically weren't in a previous SP.

I'll do a bit more digging ASAP and update the post.

/facepalm me for not double checking before posting.