Wednesday 25 April 2012

Windows Server 2012 - Quick Change Overview List

There is a wealth of information coming out at the moment regarding Windows Server 2012 and rather than doing an indepth post of all the changes, I thought I'd just call out some of the most interesting changes and new features that have caught my attention.
I've also linked some useful sites that contain some more indepth discussions.

General Windows Changes

Infrastructure Changes

Hyper-V Changes

Hyper-V Scalability Changes
  • 160 Logical Processors per Host
  • 2Tb RAM per Host
  • 32 vCPUs per VM
  • 512Gb per VM
  • 16Tb VHDx
  • 63 Nodes per Cluster
  • 4,000 VMs per Cluster

Hyper-V 3.0 versus vSphere 5
While comparing an unreleased product to a released product isn't exactly fair, I thought I'd include it for completeness sake.  Also it's the most common question that customers ask me.
This article has a fairly clear comparison table:

Information Links - Massive resource for Hyper-V - Another huge Hyper-V resource

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