Wednesday 4 April 2012

MDOP just got even more attractive

Microsoft today announced that along with the next major update to App-V taking it to version 5.0 they would also be adding a new solution to the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) called UE-V.

From the brief blurb from Microsoft that talks about allowing user and application settings to follow the user across multiple devices, it sounds similar to other user setting/state virtualisation products such as those from AppSense, ResSoftware and Citrix etc.

Microsoft have called it User Experience Virtualisation (UE-V) and from the brief video on the Windows Team Blog, it looks like it can synchronise application level setting changes, without the need for logging on and off, fixing the biggest problem of last write wins and roaming profiles.

UE-V also looks to have settings roll back capability for individual applications, meaning if the user messes up an app by fiddling, the service desk can quickly revert it without affecting the whole system, along with other apps by using something like system restore which would.

A more in-depth explanation of UE-V can be found here on the SpringBoard blog.

I must admit, this is looking like a really compelling reason to have MDOP, finally making it something more than App-V with a couple of possibly interesting extras.

This will be going straight into the testlab when I get back from MMS 2012 and I'll make sure to do a full blog post on the installation and usage since this ties in so nicely with the mantra of ensuring a seamless end user experience that I promote to customers when I talk to them.

Oh, Microsoft have also announced that they will be dropping AIS from the MDOP package due to (rather unsurprisingly) low demand and customers preferring enhanced in house services (ConfigMgr, SNOW License ManagerFrontRange Discovery etc).

UE-V Beta Download

App-V 5.0 Beta Download

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