Thursday 17 November 2011

Service Manager 2012 - Limit the "Assigned to User" list picker to IT Staff

One annoying part of Service Manager 2010 was when trying to assign a work item to a member of staff, you had to scroll through a list of all your Active Directory users.

Rob Ford developed a utility to be used as a task to help with this, but it could only be used after an incident had been created.

While trawling the Technet forums for something else today, I came across this thread, asking about how to do this using multiple connectors.

In Service Manager 2012 (Beta) there is now the ability to scope down the list first shown to a more manageable level "out-of-the-box". Sam Erskine happened to have been talking about this with me the other week, so in addition to my forum reply, I thought I'd pop a quick post on about it too.

  1. Navigate to the Libray wunderbar, and then to the Groups Node.
  2. Either Double Click the "Global Operators Group" or highlight it and select "Properties" from the tasks bar on the right.
  3. Leave the General section alone
  4. Use the Include Members section to add any direct members you require, either AD Users, or AD Groups
  5. Use the the Dynamic Members section to build the list on the fly.
    In the screenshot below I created my list based on users having the AD Attribute "Department" containing ICT
  6. Now when you use the list picker for Assigned User or Primary Owner the list will be filtered to just those users that are a member of the Global Operators Group. 
  7. Unticking the "Scope users by global operators group" will once again show you all users from your Active Directory. 


Sam Erskine said...

Hi Steve, don't forget to delete the criteria of not pending delete (in the default :))

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry to bring up an old post, but i've followed these instructions exactly using the "Dynamic Members" option. Can you suggest any reason for it not working? Many Thanks

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