Tuesday 22 November 2011

Service Manager 2010 - CU3 now available

**UPDATED: See last line**

It's time to start testing a new update in your Service Manager test environments as Cumulative Update 3 for 2010 SP1 has just arrived.

The engineering blog has a post up here that has a summary, but unfortunately the link to the KB article is the wrong one.

Instead of KB2542118 it should be KB2588492

From the KB Article:
This update includes fixes for the following issues:
  • Management Pack Import: When a data type is a decimal sometimes the decimal becomes an integer
  • Corruption of the Type ManagementEntity table when importing a type extension
  • Updates to properties are not brought forward to DW if updates to the instances happens in the same transaction or right before deleting the instance
  • AD Connector not bringing in new updates
  • When you create a new CR by using the new CR form, clicking the Apply button sometimes creates a duplicate record
  • Console intermittently freezes when you update/creating incident and clicking apply
  • HealthService does not stop at the end of SP1 DW update if previous start action takes too long
  • When opening the SCSM console on client computers and server the Reporting Wunderbar does not appear
  • High CPU in monitoringhost.exe when you create or updating an incident that triggers a notification workflow
You can download the CU update here:

This cumulative update applies to the following Service Manager components:
  • Service Manager Management Server (SM Server)
  • Data Warehouse Management Server (DW Server)
  • Service Manager Console
As with any update, RTFM and make sure you fully test it in a pre-production environment first.

*** UPDATE: I failed miserably... I got the links wrong too!!!  Updated with correct links ***


AndersAsp said...

Hi Steve,
Both your links points to RTM CU3, not to SP1 CU3.


Steve Beaumont said...

Thanks Anders, what an epic fail!!

I blame tiredness :P

StevenHWicker said...

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