Friday 28 October 2011

System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate Available

Either I've been sleeping too much or this one didn't get an announcement.

There's been nothing on the Scorch blog or the Server and Cloud blog, but it's been released for a couple of days.  Even more disappointing is there was no mailshot to the CEP participants :(


The download can be found here:

The following features have been added/improved for the RC from Beta:
  • Install Experience
    • Improved prerequisite checks
    • Implementation of Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), error reporting and interface with Microsoft Update
    • Allow user to log on as a service and select different service accounts for each service
    • Design Improvements( Error handling, port # for DB, increased logging, enabling log on as a service automatically)
    • UI Consistency between other System Center components
    • Time bomb(easy conversion from EVAL to licensed SKU)
  • •Security improvements
    • Encryption of DB connection
    • Encryption/decryption of passwords
  • Globalization
    • Unicode capable
    • Convert SSH to Unicode
  • Web service
    • Versioning
  • Orchestration Console
    • Browse events
    • View events
    • UI Updates
  • Bug fixes across all product features
I previously wrote a script that would automate the install of the Beta, but there is no guarantee that will work with the RC, but I will update it once I've installed it in my testlab.

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