Wednesday 14 September 2011

Build Keynote 2011 - Windows 8

I've just finished watching the keynote and now I challenge you to watch the entire keynote and not think that the game is about to change.....

Lots of VERY cool new features, for example:
  • Anti-Virus out the box
  • Hyper-V on the desktop
  • Finally a multi-montior taskbar
and some (from a security and manageability stand point) that scare me for example:
  • LiveID & Syncing
  • Remote file access through firewall e.g. access work PC from home
I'll be installing the Dev Build ASAP (Files still aren't ready for download yet) and I'll take a dig into the underlying OS and post some findings.

However, I'm under no illusion that this is still Pre-Beta so subject to change and bugs.

*Update 14/09/11 * - Helps if I read the last slide of the keynote, the downloads were available as of 3am GMT.  I've downloaded them now and installation is under way. 
Another feature I forgot to mention that has been a long time coming, built in ISO & VHD mounting.


Wayne Robinson said...

VHD mounting is possible in windows 7 Steve, it was introduced along with boot from VHD AFAIK and is somewhere in diskmgmt :)

Steve Beaumont said...

Sorry, should have made it clearer... MS have moved VHD mounting (and added ISO) from the DiskMgmt console to a right click mount/unmount option in windows explorer. No more need for Virtual CloneDrive/Deamon Tools for ISO's and no more cba syndrome for quick VHD mounting!!!