Friday 1 July 2011

Scripted Install of System Center Orchestrator Beta and all pre-reqs

There's been a few posts floating around now showing how to do a standard setup of the new System Center Orchestrator Beta (SCORCH) so I thought rather than doing yet another that it was time to do something different.

So I thought it might be a good idea to try automating the installation of SCORCH, which is rather fitting for an automation product.

So I wrote a quick powershell script that not only silently installs SCORCH, but will also setup a fresh built server with all required pre-reqs, SQL, create a service account and setup necessary rights for it.

I also thought I'd get it all on video as well!

Basically the script will go through and install/setup in this order:

.Net Framework 3.5
.Net Framework 4.0
Required IIS Role & Features
SQL 2008 R2
Create a Local Service account called SCORCH_SA
Add it to the local admin group
Assign it logon as a service rights (using ntrights.exe from the 2003 resource kit)

The script then silently installs Orchestrator, with all components.

This is achieved using the following command:

setup.exe /Silent /ServiceUserName:$UserName /ServicePassword:$Password /Components:All /DbServer:$ComputerName /DbNameNew:Orchestrator /ScoAdmin:$ComputerName\Administrators /WebServicePort:81 /WebConsolePort:82

where you see a $ prefix that's where a variable is passed from the script to the command line, normally these would be manually typed as username, server, password etc

During the CEP kickoff meeting it was mentioned that an install of SCORCH and an import of a policy on a server with the pre-reqs installed had been done in 5 minutes, and a mini challenge laid down to see if it could be done quicker....  once the pre-reqs were installed, my script let me install and import in about 3 minutes!!

You can find the link to the powershell script here:

If you want to try this yourself then you'll need to add NTRights.exe from the 2003 reskit, .Net4.0 full framework, silverlight and the PS script to the SCORCH extracted folder and have the SQL disk in Drive D (or modify the script)

So there you have it, an easy, repeatable, automated method of setting up a quick Orchestrator test server.


Wayne Robinson said...

Great post Steve!, I guess the next step is to package this up in config manager using your script and just push it to a newley imaged server.
P.S well done on breaking the 5 minute record! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I'm looking at your script right now and I've some small addition you can add.

You could also use start-bitstransfer module to download the .Net 4.0 Framework and Silverlight software.

See my twitter post on this if you want.

/Stefan Stranger