Wednesday 11 May 2011

Reporting runbook sucess/failure in Opalis using Service Manager 2010

I attended the Best of MMS 2011 UK event the other week along with Rob and after the sessions got chatting to Sean Christensen about Opalis, Orchestrator (SCO) and reporting.

While SCO will be offering data feeds from the web service, from what I can tell (it's early days yet) there's no plans for a specific customised reporting module.

Chatting to Sean about this, his fresh pair of eyes suggested maybe taking the data out to another system for reporting, which led onto talking about extending Service Manager to hold the information and using the SCSM dashboards to display this back in "Management" format.

I'll not go into depth here on how we did this, I'll leave that for Rob to post about as he did the design work while I sat back and watched ;)

But briefly:
  1. We created a new MP in SCSM to hold a new class with a couple of properties.
  2. Created a new runbook in Opalis and used the SCSM IP to query & write to the new class, this can then be triggered by a policy to record it's success or failure
  3. Created a SQL query to read the new class from the DW and added it along with a graph as a sharepoint webpart
  4. Added a new dashboard view to the SCSM Dashboard MP to display the dashboard
Like I mentioned, Rob should post a more detailed post about how it's all hung together, but this is the end result:

(This is from our test environment, hence not much data)

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