Wednesday 6 April 2011

Microsoft Optimized Desktop

Just by pure co-incidence (for those that know me) The Deployment Guys have just blogged about a couple of very useful resources around the area of the Microsoft Optimised Desktop Solution.

The first resource is a Nine Step guide to deploying Optimised Desktop

And the other is a site with case studies, scenarioes and strategy

The Optimised Desktop is a hugely important area and where getting it right or wrong can be the make or break of an IT departments reputation.

With the upcoming 2012 releases of the System Center products, there's never been a better moment to invest the time, thought and resources into this area and start planning how to utilise the new 2012 suite to not only help deploy the desktop, but to manage, simplify and automate it, especially as Self Service is going to be playing pivotal parts in not only the new 2012 products, but in business strategy to enable faster delivery of services to it's staff (Software distribution, Service Requests, Self Provision of resources etc)

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