Thursday 14 April 2011

Asset Management Solution/Extensions for Service Manager 2010 SP1

I've updated the Asset Management solution that I've previously blogged about (including some work arounds for the previous problem mentioned about decimal values).

I've uploaded it this time to the Technet Gallery Beta so the files can be found here:

Asset Items Covered:
  • Peripherals (Scanners, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Monitors, Fax Machines etc)
  • Remote Access Tokens (RAS SecurID etc)
  • Cisco IPT Phone Hardware
  • Mobile Phones (Made up of 2 Assets: Handset & Phone Number)
  • Network Infrastructure (Switches, ASA's etc)
  • Server Infrastructure (Fibre Switches, UPS, SAN DAE's, Tape Drives etc)
  • Printers
  • Computers (Extended views from OOB and additional class extensions)
  • Users & Groups (Extended views from OOB

I've included both the sealed MP's in a "Ready to Import" folder than can be imported straight away into Service Manager for testing and the unsealed xml so that you can see how it's all strung together.

Please read the documentation included in the zip file, before blindly importing.

It's been designed around UK Local Government, so won't fit every environment out-of-the-box but should be very easy to adapt.

If you are adapting it, please remember that if the original MP is sealed, then your customised version will need re-sealing. If you do this, you'll also need to re-alter all the public keys used in the references in the other MPs. Short and sweet... reseal ALL the MP's using your own key if you modify it.

If anyone does have any comments, suggestions, etc etc then please please please feed them back to me. The more people that look at it the more likely someone is to spot something I missed/did wrong.

Also, if you do extend it further, please let me know as it could be useful within my environment too.

There's a known issues section at the end of the documentation file in the package, please read that section and see if there's anything you can help with. I'll be enternally greatfull if there is!

** Disclaimers **
This is a slightly modified first release, first seen on my blog, and may very likely still have some issues.
Please test this in a non-live environment first, and don't shout at me if it breaks anything.
This comes with no warranty, expressed or implied.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought anything about licensing with using Asset Management with Service Manager? Won't the devices referenced in the Asset Management need Client MLs?

Steve Beaumont said...

If I'm reading this right then it's not an issue.

Client ML's are required for devices with operating system environments (OSE).

However, if ever in doubt, contact your licensing VAR/Partner and ask.

JR52MAR said...

Nice Post Steve, how did you add the images for the main CIs, i.e the image for cisco, the RAS token image etc

Steve Beaumont said...

Ermm... gimme five, as I'm at home, but I'll download the MP and pop a blog post on about adding images to folders/views.

JLPETIT said...

How did you solved SCSM issue about adding new "physical" computer before SCCM inventory discovered it? As i undertstood if you rename the AD account machine the connector you will lost relationship with the previous update record . Is it correct ?

Philip said...

I am relatively new to Service Manager, but i love your asset management plug in. I was wondering if you had an example of a PS script mentioned as a possible workaround for the issue below.
ISS003 – Display name of created assets shows as GUID.Value
This is due to not entering a display name at time of CI creation forces SCSM to generate a display name based on the class key properties. Since all of the CI’s in the solution have Equipment Type as a key property this is used in the generation of the display name. However, instead of using the localised display value for the choosen Equipment Type, SCSM uses the GUID of the enumeration list value from the database.
For example a Mobile Phone Number has an equipment type of Phone Number and if it had the mobile number of 07836236224 then it would be expect to have a display name of:
“Mobile Number. 07836236224” instead it generates it as “25ec2cbb-1965-baa0-d91d-dc67d6a4a4cf.07836236224”
Workaround – Either CSV export, tidy up the data and re-import the display names or use a powershell script to change on a schedule (or Opalis).

Steve Beaumont said...

Hi Philip,
I've got the PS script written, it just needs tidying up and posting.

I would say though that if you have access to Opalis or Orchestrator, that's a much better method, I'll also try to post about that method too, but it's much easier and cleaner.


JBB said...

Hi Steve,
Thx for this work. As we installed your MPs, they seems to work fine but... The Printer Asset is not acurate with AD...
All Computes, users and groups are synced from AD, only printers are missing.
Can you give us any clue to solve this issue ?

Steve Beaumont said...

The Printer Asset CI is a separate CI Class.
I took the decision NOT to simply re-display the AD Printers seen in the Configuration Items wunderbar due to the need to record printer assets for locally attached printers as well - hence being able to add them manually with the only dependance on an Asset Tag number rather than a full UNC name.

Philip said...

Thanks Steve, did you have a chance to post the information about PS and Opalis, i have been digging through the blog and havent seen anything.

iMax said...
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iMax said...

Hi StevyB! Firstly big thx for your solution!
Secondly, in early February 2011, we have used your solution and customize seriously by our company. Recently, when filling out the fields EquipmentCost we have errors in the Data Warehouse (event ID 33502, 33503). How can we fix it? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Anonymous said...

Great job!
Do you plan to continue/extend the project in 2012?

Steve Beaumont said...

iMax, I mentioned that problem in the top of the post, I'm not going to blog the fix as it's a seriously complicated one with some big SQL changes that MS provided that I wouldn't recomend people just implemented without MS Support. I would recomend logging a support call with Microsoft and reference my case ID REG:111020434099847 (or REG:210120351056116001 as they may have got intertwined!)

Steve Beaumont said...

Anonymous, yes I do plan to do some more work on this MP, it's just on the back burner at the moment with all the SC2012 work I've got on/prepping for.

Bhaskar Arya said...


I am new to Service Manager, but i relay like your asset management feature. but currently i am facing an issue while creating an assets inventory, under the all peripherals and all printer assets. i filled all the field correctly but still getting and error - " Failed to execute submit operation. fix the reported error before submitting again"

Martyn Burford said...

Brilliant package. We're moving to Service Manager next month from our current package.

Is there a way to import a CSV of mobile phones etc. into Asset Management?

Steve Beaumont said...

Hi Martyn,
CSV import is certainly a way to get your mobile phone data in. Checkout this other post I did that explains the principals:

Zorro said...

Hi Steve, great post and management pack. I want to know if i can assign a number or a kink of asset tag but AUTOMATICALLY when i create an asset? That´s the only that i need the rest of the management pack is perfect.


Mattw112 said...

Hi, thanks for this. I saw the comment that you are working on a 2012 version. I decided to try it on 2012 anyway and it wont import the AssetManagement Mp

Any chance you have a beta version I can try? ;)


Basheer said...
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Basheer said...

This is what i was looking for long time. Thanks for the awsome work!! This will work in SCSM 2012?

Anonymous said...

Any news about the version for SCSM 2012?

Jorge said...

We sincerely appreciate that you've opened your work for others to benefit from. It greatly assists us as we are moving away from Provance as soon as possible.

Can you tell me if you have an SCSM 2012 version in the works or in beta? We would love to get our hands on it as soon as possible.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve

Thanks for this, great work.

However, I have a problem. I have imported the management packs into SCSM 2012, but I cannot modify any of the lists. I get the error:

Application: List Properties
Application Version: 7.5.1561.116
Severity: Error
Message: Cannot modify a sealed management pack. [ID=AssetManagementLists, KeyToken=0a39b272096917b0].

Any ideas on how can fix this ?


Carlos said...

After 4 years, thank you! I'm testing SCSM and your MP is sooo perfect. But it looks like there are a few litte incompatibilities with 2012 R2, like the above one with modifying lists

I read you planned to upgrade the MP to 2012 but I cannot find it. Did you found time to do it?

Thank you very much

Kani Mozhi said...

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