Sunday 13 March 2011

Opalis 6.3 SCOM R2 Management Pack

Just noticed this post over on System Center Central for a management pack to help monitor Opalis Integration Server 6.3

From the post:

The SCOMGUY Opalis 6 Management Pack includes discoveries, service monitors, alerts, and views to assist Operators in detecting issues with Opalis Integration Server 6 servers.
·         Discovers Opalis 6 server components
·         Monitors Opalis 6 NT services
·         Agent Tasks to remedy service failures
·         Alerting Rules for Opalis 6 exceptions in the text logs
·         Opalis server state views for Role, Components and Services

I was talking with Rob about creating a simple MP to watch the services etc no so long ago, we might not need to bother now.  I'll get Rob to pop this into test ASAP and we'll see how it goes.