Saturday 12 February 2011

Asset Management Solution - Problem!

If you've taken a look at the Asset Management solution I posted last month, you might want to hold off putting it into production, I've found a problem.

The problem is with the "Equipment Cost" property extension used in both the core as well as the

Both MP's use a similar property which is a decimal value type:

<Property ID="EquipmentCost" Type="decimal" AutoIncrement="false" Key="false" CaseSensitive="false" MaxLength="7" MinLength="0" Required="false" MinValue="0" MaxValue="5000000"/>

This was created using the Authoring Tool, and while there is a known issue with it truncating the values, I've found another.....

I noticed the Data Warehouse starting to log event ID 33502 & 33503 messages

I logged a support call with Microsoft and once we started digging we found that it had created it in the databases in differing formats.

In the operational DB it had created it as decimal(7,0)

In the Staging and Config DB it had created it as decimal(7,0)

In the Repository DB it had created it as decimal(7,6)

In the DataMart DB it had created it as decimal(7,6) 

Microsoft Support are still investigating the issue and I'll post back as soon as I have a resolution.


Unknown said...

We currently plan to evaluate SCSM as an IT Asset tools. This MP look so usefull for my company. As we currently own another helpdesk ticket tool, we also think about using SCSM in futur if it do the job with that MP. Did you have any update from MS about the current MP issue with the cost field?


Steve Beaumont said...

Not yet, I've chased them today and if I haven't heard back by tomorrow will be escalating it again, I'll post a fix as soon as I have it from them.


Unknown said...

Any update available on this one?

Steve Beaumont said...

Sorry, should have replied sooner!!
I've had a partial fix from MS, the problem only seems to be with the extension to the Windows Computer class in one of the MP's, the rest is fine.

However, I've updated a fair bit since first one I uploaded.

I'll try to get a blog post out next week with an updated version!

Steve Beaumont said...

Updated release here: