Thursday 9 December 2010

Want to provide direct feedback on Microsoft Management packs?

Sometimes I just wonder if it's co-incidence....

I posted a thread on the Virtual Machine Manager forums the other day about the SCVMM 2008 R2 management packs causing dirty views in SCOM as discussed by Rob and Kevin Holman on their blogs.

I actually got some replies from Kevin but also did my usual and had a little rant, sorry :(

However, this piece of news has just been announced, and I've got to say, as long as the product teams do look at the feedback and at the very least we get some information flow back via the site or blog posts it can only help make the management packs better!

If anyone from MS reads this, please remember that the System Center products are a suite of products and the integration between them must work.  As the cloud buzz picks up, and I'm a strong believer that the System Center suite is at the heart of the cloud, people are going to rely more than ever on this brilliant product set working very closely together.

Connect Feedback site:

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