Thursday 16 December 2010

Service Manager SP1 is RTM and available for download

Microsoft Service Manager 2010 Service Pack 1 has just had been released.

You can find it available for download here:

The Service Manager Engineering Team blog has more information here:

Main features included in this release:
  • Consolidation of all language versions in a single release and readiness for simultaneous shipping at RTM.
  • Support for 10 additional languages (See documentation for details)
  • Integration of the Authoring Tool release and three cumulative updates
  • Performance fixes across the board in data access layer
  • Generic performance tracing in SDK
  • Performance enhancement for transforms
  • Usability and accessibility fixes throughout the product
  • Fixes in AD / OM connectors including support of importing Exchange 2003 distributed application
  • Notification issues related to multiple notifications
  • Localizability and globalization fixes throughout the product
  • Data, layout, and localization fixes in reports
  • Data warehouse enhancements including additional numeric datatype support for measures
  • Support of SQL 2008 R2
  • UI memory leak fixes
  • Intel Video Driver issue causing console crashes fixed by third party (Intel)

I know of two fixes that directly affect issues in my environment that MS kindly back ported the fixes from SP1 so that I could carry on working last week (Thankyou once again Suzanne!):
  • Cannot insert duplicate row in Datawarehouse error message
  • Cannot deploy System Center Configuration Manager 2007 management pack

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