Wednesday 17 November 2010

Comparing Management Packs between Operations Manager and Service Manager

I've posted previously about the util Rob created to allow us to compare the versions of management packs in our different SCOM environments (Live, Pre-Production, Test) but also mentioned that I'd set him the task of adding Service Manager comparrisons as well.

Well he's released the new version, I just forgot to mention it!
Changes in this version:
  • Added Service Manager support
  • Change to grid views
  • Clear grid option
  • More compare options
  • Colors changed to help visibility 
  • Management group versions added

It works well and I've litterally just finished using it to ensure all the MP's are sync'd up between SCOM & SCSM after Rob installed CU3 for SCOM the other week.


Pete Zerger said...

Looks like this link now goes to a spam site rather than a script. Robs blog change URLs?

Steve Beaumont said...

How bizarre, the one post Blogger won't let me edit!!

Yes Pete, his blog is gone. However, you can find the util on the TechNet Gallery:

tEST said...

Do you have any link to download this utility. Please let me know

Steve Beaumont said...

It's available on the TechNet Gallery here:

Susan said...

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