Tuesday 5 October 2010

Microsoft System Center Service Manager - Asset Management Pack

I thought I'd post a quick one regarding the Asset Management MP that I'm currently working on since it's getting nearer completion.

If I'm feeling brave enough I might just release this to the community, but it will obviously need some tweaking as it's geared towards Local Government.

Here's a few screenshots for now:

Console Folders & Views

Peripheral View

Peripheral Custom Form

I'm currently just finishing off the reports for the MP (Stock levels, items deployed in defined timescale etc)and I'll start work on a detailed blog post later tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Great work dude, I think it would be better if you configured it in new tab not under CI tab

Steve Beaumont said...

Hi Fawzi,
I was only just debating that this morning!

I'll have a play tomorrow and see how it looks. The main reason I've left it under CI for now is that our Service Desk will also be utilising the Printers, Computers, Software and Users sections of the CI pane so I wanted to avoid either flicking around the console or having to recreate the views.


Ashley said...


This sounds like a dream, how you getting on? is it finished?


Steve Beaumont said...

This has been available for a while, you're looking at a very old post. More details at:

Anonymous said...

Great Job !!!
We want to move also to SCSM. But one question. How/where can I change or modify the lists for equipment type and manucaturer.


Steve Beaumont said...

You should just be able to go to the library wunderbar, then lists and open and edit the list.