Friday 15 October 2010

3rd Party Extensions for Service Manager

Looking to increase the features and flexibility of Service Manager 2010?
Then it’s worth taking a look at some of the available features offered by Microsoft Partners:
Seven Winds Call Script Manager Solution
This tool is the solution for an elementary problem existing within each service desk organization, consistency in the manner upon which incidents are registered at the 1st line of support.

Intel® vPro™ Management Pack for System Center Service Manager 2010 is used to provide access to KVM Remote Control, IDE-Redirection and Power Control of systems.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Management Pack
The IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager provides end-to-end compliance and risk management covering people, process, and technology.

Partner Demo: Absolute Software Locks Stolen/Lost Computers Remotely from Service Manager Console
Not sure if this is available yet, as I can’t find it listed on Absolute’s website, but it looks great.

Savision LiveMaps
Live Maps extends Microsoft’s System Center allowing for networks, systems, services and business processes to be dynamically visualized onto easy-to-understand displays.

End-to-End Compliance Management with Full Armor Policy Portal
PolicyPortal is a Software + Services offering built on top of Windows Azure that provides scalable endpoint management through the cloud. PolicyPortal can deliver applications, secured documents, security policies through Group Policy Objects and manage compliance for any remote, heterogeneous end-point.

ATEA/Spintop Accelerator Service Request Portal
Accelerator is a self-service portal for ordering and managing IT services including process automation for executing orders. The main purpose of the portal is to provide users a single point for ordering services and an automated process for delivering the services, thereby replacing manual tasks in the IT-organization.

Provance IT Asset Management Pack
It extends Microsoft System Center Service Manager with additional functionality to manage the financial, contractual and organizational information necessary to support Software Asset Management, License Compliance, IT Asset Life Cycle Management, and more cost-effective and efficient IT Service Management.

Bay Dynamics IT Analytics
IT Analytics™ for System Center leverages advanced business intelligence and analytics technology to enable users to maximize the value of the data that resides within System Center databases by providing multidimensional ad-hoc analysis, Key Performance Indicators, and robust graphical trending.
Dundas Dashboards
More of a Proof of Concept, but it looks really good.
Check here for the
Engineering Team Blog post which also has a link at the bottom to a demo site to see it in action.

Service Manager 2010 Dashboards
These dashboards not only deliver actionable information out of the box, but also provides a flexible framework which allows easily customizing and extending these dashboards to meet their specific needs.

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