Tuesday 14 September 2010

Service Manager SQL Queries

I'm in the processes of trying to troubleshoot a problem with our Service Manager test installation that is causing the DataAccess service to not start which seems to have happened since a custom management pack was imported.

Here's some of the SQL queries Microsoft have been supplying to help with the troubleshooting.

List all Management Packs in the DB
select MPFriendlyName, MPLastModified, MPCreated, MPIsSealed from ManagementPack order by MPLastModified

List all Management Packs in the DB ordered by deployment time
select * from Ma
nagementPackHistory order by DeploymentTime

Select a specific Management Pack
select mpname, ManagementPackId from managementpack where MPfriendlyname = 'managementpackname'

Display the XML used by the Management Pack in the DB
select MPName, CONVERT(xml,MPXML) from ManagementPack where ManagementPackId = 'managementpackfromthepreviousquery'

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