Tuesday 14 September 2010

Service Manager Resource Kit

A new resource kit for Service Manager is on it's way!


Expect to see some things like:
•Bulk Enumeration Value Creator Spreadsheet
•Ramp up materials – twelve one hour+ recorded Live Meeting sessions with the Program Managers covering a wide range of topics
•Architecture Visio diagram
•Database queries
•Service Manager Visio stencil shapes
•Various solution management packs for things like sending notifications to reviewers, hiding the extensions tab, etc.
•CSV Connector
•Basic Service Requests
•SLA Management
•Code samples like how to work with enumerations, type projections, creating and updating objects like incidents, etc.

And some very exciting NEW things!:

•Exchange connector: Process emails sent to an email inbox on an Exchange server. Convert new emails to new incidents and update incidents for replies to an email address.
•Send message to a user related to the incident from the console. Message can be optionally logged in the action log.
•Visio diagram of the entire SCSM data model including classes, properties, and relationships.

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