Saturday 10 July 2010

BSOD during OSD - AMD CPU's

I was working on cutting our images back down to a single WIM last month and decided to tackle the WIM we had to create for devices with AMD CPU's that were Blue Screening while using our main image.

Turns out that it was related to an incompatible file from Intel.

The issue is known about when upgrading from XP SP2 to SP3, not that this applied to me, but I thought I'd give the fix a try anyway and it worked!

The manual fix looks like this:
1.Restart computer and press F8 key repeatedly until Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.
2.Choose Safe Mode.
3.Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.
4.Find a file named “intelppm.sys” and rename it to “XXXintelppm.syx“.

So it was easy enough to add a Run Command Line step to our task sequence after applying the WIM with a WMI Query filter on for the affected CPU Type to rename the file.

There's apparently another couple of similar problems with different methods to fix it so I'll list them, but I've not tried them myself.

Disable intelppm.sys via the registry:

Microsoft Hotfix:

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