Thursday 11 September 2008

What does SCOM think when you remove a drive?

We ran out of space on one of our old (And I do stress the old part) data servers the other day so we took the chance to add a LUN on the SAN and migrate the data across. To make things simple for us we just stopped the server service and juggled the old and new drive letters around and then removed the old partition.

SCOM didn't seem to like this however as the open alert then demonstrated:

Logical Disk Free Space is low
Alert Description
The disk \\?\Volume{8c740691-15ff-11d8-9b0b-505054503030} on computer xxx.xx.xx is running out of disk space. The values that exceeded the threshold are 0% free space and 73 free Mbytes.
Alert Monitor:
Logical Disk Free Space
09/09/2008 11:45:38

I'm sure that alert used to say F:\ :)

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