Friday 12 September 2008

Forcibly remove a site

I got into a situation a while back where our primary site became corrupted and we didn't have a backup for some reason.

We tried uninstalling the site and re-installing and while it fixed the primary site problems it badly messed up the syncing with the central site.

In the end we followed the process below:
  1. Revert the primary site to a central site
  2. On the Central Site run:
    Preinst /delsite SiteCode ParentSite
    Preinst /deljob SiteCode
  3. On the old Primary site run:
    Preinst /deljob SiteCode
  4. Convert the old Primary site back to a primary site with the Central as it's parent
  5. Run Preinst /keyforchild on the central site and copy to \inboxes\
  6. Run Preinst /keyforparent on the primary site and copy to \inboxes\
  7. Run Preinst /Syncchild:SiteCode on the Central Site
  8. Run Preinst /syncparent on the primary site

This thankfully brought our sites back to life.

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